Sensitiva namn vid LTD registrering

BolagsRegistrering proffs på bolagsregistreringar


Använd rätt prefix för bolagsnamnet

Sensitiva namn, känsliga namn att använda i bolagsnamnet när man registrera LTD bolag.
Var aktsam om du tänker använda något av dessa uttryck i ditt bolagsnamn, eftersom vissa kriterier måste då uppfyllas.
För att dessa prefix ska bli godkända då måste det styrkas enligt nedan.


Names that include this word will not be approved if they unjustifiably imply a connection with official bodies of the European Union. If there is a genuine connection with an official body, the name may be allowed if the appropriate body supports the application.


If use of this word implies several companies under one corporate ownership, then you will need to provide evidence of association by shareholding with two or more other British or overseas companies. If the name clearly shows that the company is to promote the interests of a group of individuals, then the name will normally be approved.


A company wishing to use this word must be a holding company as defined under Section 1159 of the Companies Act 2006, ie: it must hold the majority of shares in at least one other corporate body.


If you wish to use this word as a prefix, you need to show that the major part of the company’s activities is in trading overseas.
If you wish to use it as a suffix, then approval will usually be given if you can show that the company operates in the UK and at least one other country.

The word VET

In order to use the word VET you will need to obtain permission from The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. You have to confirm the registration numbers held by the RCVS for the officers of the company.